The five best Danish football songs of all time

23 Mar

England’s World Cup song for the 2014 World Cup is terrible. I don’t think I’m being controversial when I say that.

Another uncontroversial statement is this: These are the best five Danish football songs you will ever hear.

1. En for alle, alle for en (1988)

En for alle, alle for en is “One for all and all for one” in Danish. Marvellous pop from 1988. Is that Frank Arnesen on lead vocals? I think it might be.

2. Vi Ta’r Til Polen – lålålå (2012)

My personal favourite. If your Danish isn’t too hot then it’s well worth listening to it alongside the translated lyrics.  Any song that features the lyrics ” lalalalalalalala lalalala Dennis Rommedahl” is surely worth a few minutes of your time. The highest praise I can give is that the self-deprecation on show in the song made me feel more Danish than I was before I’d listened to the song. No nation that uses the words “We’re gonna bring home the cup” in a song ever wins the competition.

3. 8 Ball – Vi Tar´ Guldet Med Hjem (2010)

If you love banter, you’ll love this. Features someone wiping their bum and placing the paper in a football boot.

4. Odense Asshols – Sjålålå (2010)

Featuring the repeated phrase: “Hvis vi ik vinder ka vi stadig drik mest.” (We may not win, but we will drink the most) . I have very little knowledge as to what this song is about. It’s very angry.

5. Re-Sepp Ten (1986)

The only way to complete the set. Danish Dynamite. 1986 and all that.


Denmark failed to qualify for this summer’s World Cup.

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