1930s Football club nickname cartoons by George Green

06 Jan
1930s Football club nickname cartoons by George Green

George Green was a cartoonist with the Liverpool Echo for many years stretching from pre-World War II into the early 1960s. In 1939, just as the second world war was beginning to take hold, he drew a small cartoon of a different football club each Saturday representing their football club nickname. Here are the ones I could find on the excellent British Newspaper Archive. The series continued throughout the 1939/1940 football season as World War II began to affect the United Kingdom.



Perhaps more interesting than the clubs who’ve retained their nickname are the ones that have changed since the 1930s. The Glaziers is clearly a better nickname for Crystal Palace than “Eagles” and it’s a great shame that they’ve dropped that old nickname. It’s also interesting to see the distinction between Stockport County (Hatters) and Luton Town (Straw Hatters) even if it’s hard to see much difference in the cartoon between the two.

Today we know West Brom’s nickname as “Baggies” with “Throstles” having gone out of favour in recent years. However the throstle does still appear on the club’s badge and is certainly still part of the club’s folklore. The Welshman cartoon for Wrexham “Yes Indeed. Look You!” is absurd and perhaps came before the club were known as Robins (or had adopted the Dragons nickname).

Another interesting club included are New Brighton who were Football League members from 1923 to 1951 but don’t exist in any real form nowadays. They were based on Merseyside in Wallesey and played on Rake Lane – which explains the Rakers nickname.

Images taken from the Liverpool Echo, available on the wonderful

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